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At Ascend Construction, we are committed to helping you create a space that you are proud to call home. Whether you are building your dream home or renovating an existing home to better serve your needs, we can help you create a space that is both functional and beautiful.


For many homeowners, the process of building a new home can be incredibly stressful and intimidating. Many companies take advantage of these emotions, providing less than ideal customer service that their clients simply assume is normal. Ascend Construction was founded out of a desire to provide high-quality Tulsa residential construction services with exceptional customer care.

Our team is passionate about partnering with our clients to ensure that their Tulsa residential construction project is as simple as possible, no matter the scope or size of the home. With straightforward planning and clear communication, we are able to work efficiently to complete your home project in a timely manner.


We know that not every homeowner is looking to building a new home. For this reason, we also offer a wide range of residential remodeling and renovation services. If your home is no longer serving you well, we can help you rework the existing spaces within your walls.


By remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor living spaces, or other areas within your house, we can upgrade your current home to meet your needs. Do you love your home but find that you are running out of space? Our team specializes in additions that compliment your home’s layout and design.

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