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Are you looking for a team to cohesively create both the design and build of your project? Ascend Commercial Builders is Tulsa’s premier construction team that works seamlessly with designers to create your dream building. Rather than managing between two separate contracts, you can work with one team. The less complicated, the faster the project can happen! 


Design-Build is an efficient system of managing the entirety of a construction project. Our team will work directly with an architect and design team to work together as one team and turn over more results faster. Design-Build is a way to simplify the process for you while ensuring that every side of the construction process is covered, managed, and communicated. While it’s still your job to communicate a vision, we will work directly with the design team to make your dreams come to life. Design-Build is a unique way to ensure that your building is built with quality and efficiency. Plus, it makes your job easier. Depending on your project, you may benefit from a design-build team structure.

Pros of Tulsa Design-Build 

Design-build is an excellent option for most commercial projects since they are typically on a much larger scale than residential. In addition, design-build allows the architect and builder to work as one unit for your project. This process is beneficial to both the designer and us since we can work together before the project to ensure that your building is practical and meets your needs. It also provides you with a better upfront understanding of the budget and timeline without the need to go back and forth between the two units. Design-build is an advantageous offering that we’re excited to offer our customers looking to streamline the construction process as much as possible. We are passionate about creating a stress-free construction process for you, and we think design-build could be a great option. Here are some additional benefits to working with this process: 

  • One team responsible as a unit, which eliminates much of the possible frustrations and strife
  • Extremely streamlined communication
  • Cost-effective 
  • Better for transparent budgeting 
  • It cuts out any duplicated communication, saving on time and confusion
  • Less work for you, as there is no mediation needed between architect and builder
  • Coordinated design and construction cuts down on changes and errors

General Contractor in Tulsa
General Contractor in Tulsa

If you’re looking for a design team to work with us through Design-build, make sure to discuss it thoroughly with them. We will be able to value-engineer the design with them, cutting back on future problems. Ascend Commercial Builders offers design-Build to clients to simplify the process and cut back from unnecessary costs, delays, and more. When working with any Design-build project, it is essential to know that you have a trustworthy team. Ascend Commercial Builders is a well-respected and well-qualified Tulsa construction team that is more than able to help you create your Design-build team. Our team of construction experts will work directly with a group of designers and architects of your choice to create something extraordinary. 


Ascend Commercial Builders brings a wealth of experience to your Design-build team. From retail strips to office buildings, we can help build the best facility for your needs 

Our Ascend Commercial Builders team is dedicated to your Tulsa build, from the tiny details to the big decisions. We prioritize clear communication and provide consistent excellence across all services, including for a Design-build when we’re working with the architects and designers of your building. We manage the entire construction process, from pre-construction to the final day of construction, and are dedicated to providing you with a trustworthy construction team. We prioritize communication, transparency, and excellence in all our aspects of service. In addition, we streamline the complex construction process so that you have less stress rather than more. Using the Design-build method, we can create an even more streamlined and simplified process for you. From initial design to building construction, Design-build can help cut back on unnecessary steps and stress. 


Ascend Commercial Builders is Tulsa’s local pick when it comes to a fantastic Design-build team. WE ARE EXPERTS AT BUILDING WITH EXCELLENCE AND ARE COMMITTED TO PROVIDING THE BEST SERVICE IN TULSA, WHETHER YOU’RE BUILDING AN INDUSTRIAL FACILITY OR A MULTI-LEVEL OFFICE BUILDING. Not only are we construction experts, but we’re also successful building project managers. We take the stress out of construction and fully manage the process, from permits to unforeseen problems. Let Ascend Commercial Builders work on your Tulsa Design-build for a streamlined and excellent construction process. For more information or a free quote, contact our team. We are excited to serve you!