About Us

Who Are We?

At Ascend Commercial Builders we focus on extreme ownership, expectation management, proactive problem solving, transparent communication, and integrity always. By focusing on these core values in each aspect of our business, we’re able to more efficiently prepare for and execute successful construction projects. Operating in this way, we’ve found creates not only a great physical product in the end but also the best experience for everyone involved in the project.


We’re team players, who are committed to a team’s success. Construction can be many negative things but it doesn’t have to be. Our mission is to guide our clients, experienced or inexperienced, through the winding road that is construction.


Tyler Detring

President & Founder

Tyler Detring, the trailblazer of Ascend Commercial Builders, never shies away from an opportunity to address a crowd or work with a fresh piece of walnut wood. When he grows up he’d even like to make custom furniture full time. Tyler wears many hats here at Ascend, but his strength is in client communication, assembling the right teams, and guiding those teams through thick and thin.

Nyc Burns

Marketing & Business Development

Before graduating from the University at Albany, Nyc played four years of college football where he thrived as a leader on and off the field. He’s an avid Bitcoiner and podcaster in his free time...don’t get him started. Nyc’s superpower is communication and relationship development.

Kyle Jackson

Finance & Contracting

As knowledgeable as Google or Alexa, Kyle is our Swiss army knife. HR, accounting, contracts, and many others are Kyle’s specialty. Kyle’s superpower is being thorough and exact in all he does, and thankfully he’ll be your point of contact for all financial and contractual communications.

Justin Jackson

Project Manager

The second guy in the office bold enough to shave his head was Justin! His favorite pastime is buying Legos and saying they’re for his kids...they’re not. He thrives in dealing with many problems in difficult situations, his true superpower is in coordination and problem solving. When Justin’s your project manager, you’re in good hands.