Tulsa Construction Build Out

Construction Build-Out in Tulsa

Tulsa Construction Build Out

Here at Ascend Construction Services, we specialize in industrial construction and build-out services. We assist with specifying, estimating, purchasing, project management, and construction services to complete your industrial facility build-out needs.

Ascend Construction Services can handle it all – from concrete foundations that can exceed 100′ deep to the small details like, “how many light fixtures per square foot should be installed”. Contact us today at 918-734 – 9899 to schedule your consultation!

Our two highest priorities for your Tulsa construction build out are quality work and an easy process for you. We will collaborate with you to make your vision come out so you can stand out in the marketplace!

Construction Build Outs in Tulsa

A construction build out in Tulsa is the process of remodeling a space for its next phase of use. The construction build-out process consists of a series of steps that must be followed to complete the development of a commercial project.

The duration of the construction phase varies depending on what level of work is required and how much funding is available for this phase. Different projects will have different requirements and codes.

For example, shopping centers are often built in stages, with individual tenants being built as part of planned groups of stores. As each new tenant comes into a shopping center they also get their own build-out process where much of the same materials may be used but placement may vary.

Many people rent individual rooms within an existing building and have to deal with getting those rooms ready for use by themselves. We’re here to help!


One of our first, and one of our favorite parts of the process is the initial design because that’s where we get to draft out your vision for your business and make it happen.

It can sometimes help to draw inspiration from Pinterest and other social media platforms or even your favorite search engine before meeting for the initial design to better communicate your vision.

If you’ve looked and searched and are overwhelmed by too many choices, we have plenty of creative experience and access to creative professionals to make this a stress-free and easy construction build-out for you!

Tulsa General Contractors
Commercial Renovation in Tulsa

Tulsa’s General Contractor

There are many different construction companies in Tulsa, but there is one company that can give you the best Commercial Remodel services available – Ascend Construction Services.

Our experienced team of builders has been building a wide variety of commercial construction projects across Oklahoma for more than 2 decades. We understand how to remodel your business, and we know that it will be done correctly every time.

We’ve become one of the most respected general contractors in Oklahoma because we honor our commitments and offer quality work at a competitive price.


We look forward to working with you and your team!  Don’t wait, call and schedule your consultation today at (918) 734 – 9899.