Oklahoma Church Builder

Oklahoma Church Builder

Have a difficult time with the next steps for building your new church space? We’ve got you covered! This process can seem like an overwhelming task. There are tons of decisions and unforeseen issues that often pop up while starting or renovating churches in today’s day and age.


Ascend Construction is passionate about providing a trustworthy option for pastors and church plants looking to build or renovate. They believe in raising the bar on what it means to have an excellent construction site experience. Ascend uses this goal as their north star. They have made simplicity the core of everything that happens during your project.


Communication between team members is imperative and involved in any given task. There is also transparency when things go wrong. There is also faithfulness throughout all phases from initial discovery through final inspections so you know exactly where progress stands today (or tomorrow).

Church Builder in Oklahoma

Where Do We Start?

The company’s goal is to help you create a building that will be both beautiful and functional. Ascend Construction personnel start by sitting down with your church team.


They come alongside the church with its vision for the future project as well. With this in mind, Ascend personnel can produce an outcome that will fit its needs. The process begins by identifying your property’s potential, current ministries, and future ministries you wish to start.


A great architect and construction business understands the influence structures have on ministries. They should work with you from the start to help you select the proper structure for your congregation. Ascends proven techniques ensure your building exceeds the level of excellence you should expect.

Ascend Construction Can Assist In These Areas:

  • Sanctuary
  • Administrative offices
  • Music, sound, and media spaces
  • Parking lot and grounds
  • Church Storage
  • Educational spaces and classrooms
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Creative Spaces
  • Multi-purpose Spaces
  • And more

What Is Next?


Bring The Church In On The Vision


Conveying a long-term strategy to the congregation works along with your church’s plan. With accurate Vision Casting Materials such as site plans, floor plans, photorealistic 3D renderings, and animations with associated cost estimates.


Ascend Construction will help you communicate God’s plan to your congregation effectively. The key is for the congregation to be able to make informed decisions.


In order to achieve this goal, Ascend Construction produces a marketing plan that captures your church members’ attention from the beginning. The company also offers outside help for marketing and communication strategies in tandem with ministry development.

Finally Making An Informed Decision


There are many decisions regarding the location of a new building, whether to renovate or demolish, the size of a building, and much more.


Prayerfully consider these decisions with your church family before taking any action.


By making a plan in advance for each step, Ascend’s experts can help you tremendously when you finally make these important decisions about your new church facility.


Ascend Construction is a locally family-owned church construction company in Tulsa. They are committed to constructing attractive and useful churches. This team has the technical ability and experience to guarantee that your structure is built with excellence, without any confusion or stress.